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The food processor's whirling blade makes it possible to make meat dough in just a few minutes. This method can make a pate-like version of your meat dough. It is very smooth and homogenized, with all the ingredients thoroughly incorporated. The standing mixer is my favourite method of mixing meat dough. It's especially useful when making double or triple batches or making multiple types of meatballs at once. This mixer is great for quickly setting up a meatball assembly machine. Although the standing mixer distributes ingredients evenly throughout the meat, it doesn't purée everything as well as a food processor. This mixer is ideal for meatballs with flavorful bits of goodness that can still be identified, such as dried fruits, seeds and nuts. You can mix meatballs by hand. I have had good results with this method. I usually use it when I only make one pound of meat. Hand mixing can result in a difference in texture. If you prefer a traditional, less nubbly texture, hand-mixing is the best way to go. In the above photo, you can see that I am wearing disposable gloves. This is not because I was being investigated by food safety inspectors. They prevent meat sticking to my hands, make the process faster, and are also helpful during the shaping of meatballs.
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